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Find your optimum tyre pressure, this can help reduce drag, improve control, comfort and grip. The ideal cyclists companion.

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It’s commonly understood that the optimum tyre pressure is one that will give you a 15% drop when your wheels are under load. Working out how to achieve this can be tricky. It can involve two sets of scales and callipers to measure your tyre depth.

This simple app is designed to make it easy to aproximate the optimum pressure to use. This was origionally developed back in 2015 using a cross device development technique which, whilst it resulted in "native" code, relied on web-views to deliver the experiance.

We took the origonal concept, feedback from the reviews and came up with an enhanced concept - then executed the delivery as a fully native applicaiton for both Android and Apple devices.

For more information see the user guide.

What we did

  • Android
  • iOS
  • WatchOS
  • iPadOS
Increase in installs, month to month
Updates to latest release

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