About us - Since the turn of the century

Web-Engineer was founded in 2000, we have in this time developed a wide and detailed knowledge of everything from languages, frameworks and systems architecture. This enables us to continue to innovate and remain current.

We commit a significant proportion of our time to research and development, developing products of our own and trialing new techniques and architectures. We run our own private dedicated cloud architecture that enables us to prototype large scale systems and test them in isolation - this also enables us to remove the shackles that bind you to any one cloud provider and focus on the features you need rather than identifying what third party services we can resell.

Transition to Web Engine Limited
First app for a major national client, developed for android / iOS
First on-site private cloud setup, our journey on cloud begins
Foray into e-learning, developing a range of courses and content with our partners
First enterprise scale e-commerce site launched
Year it all began

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