Cloud services

Every business deserves access to a safe and secure cloud environment to support their IT infrastructure.

That's why we built our own private cloud; to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes their own private cloud solution, all supported and maintained here in Exeter by our team of experts following GDPR compliant processes.

The Web-Engineer cloud –  Fast, scalable and secure

As a managed service provider we are experts in the design and development and implementation of hosting solutions. Whether in our private cloud, your own dedicated private cloud or even services from one of several enterprise vendors we work with, we can work with systems for clients of all sizes.

Whether it’s a simple brand site serving as the front door to the world or a multi-million-pound enterprise with thousands of products to order and ship. We built our own dedicated private cloud to enable us to rapidly prototype and develop a wide range of systems and services.

Standard services generally include scalable storage, data encrypted at rest and a full range virtualisation benefits. As a result, your IT infrastructure can fully match the aspirations of your business.

For the enterprise business; would you rather use a giant provider that offers a fixed platform that may not fit your infrastructure’s needs? Or choose an agile specialist that can work with your existing systems and packages, bolstering your team’s capabilities and importantly keeping your transition costs low?

Ultra-Fast platform

We can offer up to 10GB of connection speed allowing your network to simultaneously run thousands of nodes and large data transfers, all under a secure shell and encrypted at rest.

Clustered enterprise grade file-system

All our servers storage is audited to ensure that there is redundant hardware and off-site backups encrypted at rest. This ensures a robust environment, flexibility across multiple sites and importantly reducing risks such as that of single point failure.

UK support, monitoring and disaster recovery solutions

Both our private cloud and our dedicated offsite resources are closely monitoring round the clock to eliminate threats before they’ve even come close to your systems. Plus, we have emergency response plans in place to neutralise the worst of threats.

Server management flexibility

We have 20 years of experience working in partnership with our clients, whether you have your own IT experts and you’re looking for extra capacity, or you need a fully managed cloud server. We have the experience and capacity to help take your mind off the maintenance of your site and web applications.

Daily dual site backups

With daily backups and 30 days retention to our offsite backup location, we offer fail-safe solutions to ensure minimal data loss and most of all a quick recovery to get your site and applications back up and running.

Security expertise

We implement strict access controls,  customers typically have their own dedicated user space which is encrypted at rest. All sites are protected by both hardware and software firewalls as well as specialised web application firewall. All sites we run over SSL as standard, all administration of these services is carried out over encrypted routes with an audit trail. Your business can reap the benefits of constant connectivity through the web, with robust protections from the risks.

This is backed by constant monitoring, we do not assume any system is perfect and appropriate counter measures are in place to ensure that when you need us we can act swiftly.

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