We are experts in developing bespoke web applications that deliver business growth and drive down cost. Our solutions are facilitated through our own private cloud offering extraordinary levels of flexibility and customisation to leverage true value from your IT. See the solutions we have built for our clients and the stories behind their success.

Vue Cloud

After entering a pitching process involving several other competing web agencies, Web Engineer was selected by enterprise client VUEcloud, to develop a secure private video hosting service and a multi-user management system.

This system was developed to enable VUEcloud’s wide network of commercial vehicle fleet operators and insurance companies to upload and share CCTV and vehicle camera footage in secure and streamlined way. Due to the nature of the material this system had to meet the highest standards of information security, with end to end encryption housed on a dedicated private cloud.


Our role in the project was to architect the software and systems and to design and implement a usable interface encompassing account analytics and performance dashboards that claims administrators, bus and lorry depot staff, law specialists and even emergency authorities could easily use via secure entry points.

VUEcloud’s market share has expanded massively since the introduction of the management system, fortunately with our support the code based infrastructure has grown with the company’s expansion. At present, the VUEcloud system securely hosts hundreds of thousands of video files to over 10,000 users on multiple individual private customers on a scalable platform.


Web Engineer is proud to have worked with PenCarrie for nearly 20 years and were the first enterprise customer we took on, right back when Web Engineer’s founder (Craig) was running the business out of his bedroom and PenCarrie was a significantly smaller operation. Fast forward to 2018 and PenCarrie now command the position of one of the UK’s largest corporate clothing distributors.

Much of the companies progressive growth has been down to the system infrastructure which Web Engineer developed; from consulting on improvements to internal systems, through to managing customer accounts, warehouse stock, and ordering online, even moving from the traditional printed brochure to a fully searchable and customisable web-based brochure interface. We have supported PenCarrie throughout their IT development helping them grow to a business of over £60 million annual turnover.


Insurastore is the UK’s largest dedicated self-storage insurers. Web-Engineer were first approached to build this business solution to a given design and broad requirement. This site has grown since it’s launch back in 2007, we’ve updated the design, and refined the business logic many times. We have also monitored, maintained and supported the site installation for the client and have successfully helped Insurastore grow the business to where it is today.

Our approach to the build of this site has been a significant contributor to the site’s success. Building a site is much more than just writing code, it’s about understanding how this code functions in the real world and about refining and improving this over time. There are several ways we look at the build which collectively focus on ensuring the best possible user experience.


Cloud services

We’re experts in the cloud, from WordPress site hosting to enterprise-level cloud storage. Our cloud solutions can suit businesses of all shapes and sizes – Our approach is to offer complete flexibility around the needs of your business, delivered on a fully scalable server supported and maintained here in Exeter by our team of experts.

Development approach

Behind the services and skills we have the credentials and business process to back-up our proposition. Read more about our programming skills and qualifications here.

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