Development approach

Web Engineer has a proven track record in software development and web-site design. Established in 2000, we have built successful business systems for our clients, improving their performance measurements and provided them attractive returns on investment.

A solid proposition

For over 20 years we have been developing web solutions for our clients that help them attract and keep customers, launch new products and streamline business processes through automation and administrative applications. We take enormous pride in our work and our reputation for providing our clients with solutions that not only meet their needs today but are built to last for tomorrow. We are committed to delivering quality results, on time and on budget, that’s why we are used and trusted by agencies and enterprises internationally.

Enterprise development

Behind the services and skills, we have the ethos, the credentials and the business continuity to back-up our proposition. With robust, documented internal processes, we give you the peace of mind you’re working with a modern, professional web development company.

A secure approach

We take security at Web-Engineer quite seriously, to us its part of our ethos and less of a box-ticking exercise. When we look after a site or application belonging to a customer, we make sure it’s managed securely and supported.

Our security procedures and policies follow industry best practices, adhering to the standards of ISO27001. As a data processor to our clients, we are of course fully compliant with the GDPR. You can be assured that every time our team works on your site they follow documented processes and procedures to get the job done to our high standards. Plus as our client, we share every update and amend through our project tracker, helping you gain a clear picture that your project is in hand. 

Programming skills and tools

We’re not tied to one product or approach, we know in reality that software and applications are written in many different ways. Often it’s key for projects for systems to work with the systems you have, interface to them and get them talking to each other. That’s why our team have the knowledge and experience of working in a variety of different languages, tools and frameworks, plus we’re always open to learning a few more.

Digital marketing intelligence

Elsewhere we have the marketing experience and credentials to support clients with their analytics and digital advertising needs. We offer insight and guidance on customer behaviour and user experience, developing solutions that optimise the user journey and make your applications favoured by your customers. Through our Google certified AdWords, Analytics and UX experts, we can prove that our knowledge and experience covers how your customers interact with the applications we build for you.

A commitment to research

Today, more than ever the web never stands still, and that’s why every team member is encouraged to spend a significant amount of time on research and development. We constantly research new technologies, emerging trends on consumer behaviour and the latest development techniques to ensure that the team are on point and engaged with the medium within which we work. For example, we built our own private cloud to fully grasp and understand the technology, so we could offer it to our clients. This project along with many other discoveries help keep our output fresh and the team engaged in the exciting world of web design and development. Visit our blog to learn about our latest discoveries.