Develop - Frame Warehouse & Picture Gallery

From artists to photographers, Framewarehouse are the UK's leading bespoke frame makers. Getting the company engaged with their clients online was seen as a critical step toward it's long term success.

The resultant system is easy to manage and maintain and generates orders that their production team find easy to follow. The user interface was designed with the user experience in mind. This ensures that at all times the user can see exactly what they are ordering, how it will look and what it will cost. During the ordering process visual prompts are given to make it easy to follow the ordering process with context sensitive help provided along the way.

The Frame builder

virtual live sample
items ordered
calculated price
many customisation options
order progress
content manageable FAQ's
supporting content managed articles
context sensitive prompts
Framebuilder overview

Order fulfilment

The order fulfilment process is made up from the following steps -

  • Building of the frames on screen.
  • Payment via payment gateway or callback.
  • Acknowledgement of the order from the workshop.
  • Printed order for the frame assembly.
  • Dispatch note sent with order courier tracking link.
order as received for processing
the order acknowledgement emailed
Framebuilder ordering screens

Supportive collateral

Aside from the design and development of the site we also designed collateral to advertise the new ordering system. This was an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the user-interface in print, all the frame images used in the design were generated using the same visualisation tool customers use to order frames. We believe our tool is the best in class for this type of product visualisation.

The following shows the front and back spreads from the leaflet (A4, folded to A5).

supprting printed leaflet

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