Design - Military Wives Choir Foundation

The charity was created following the enormous success of the No.1 single Wherever You Are, which raised over half a million pounds for SSAFA and The Royal British Legion. Our brief was to take this brand and translate it to the web. The charity wanted to establish a voice online though which they can communicate their message and engage their readers.

The design adapts to the device viewing it. Using open-source technologies as a basis for a custom build, we have gone the extra mile in ensuring the site looks good and functions well, without relying on a complex arrangement of add-ons. From front to back the user experience has been engineered to streamline the experience of the sites users, from of the public to the contributors to the site.

A full and comprehensive style guide was also supplied with detailed instructions as to how to get the most from their site installation. The result gives the charity a solid platform upon which they can communicate effectively to their target audiences.

The Homepage

consistent branding
visually pleasing homepage
members stories
communicates the proposition clearly
focus areas for key audiences
integrated social media
find a choir feature
members login area
current news
events coming soon

Find a choir

geographic lookup
location marker
matched choirs
contact details
interactive with live updates

In detail

The brief was to design and build a site that closely builds on from the existing branding guideline. The then site fell short in a number of areas and the guideline didn’t really address how the brand should be realised on the web.

We initially presented a number of design prototypes to get the ideas flowing. With the assistance of our marketing partners discussion and interviews were completed with key stakeholders to finalise a more detailed outline requirement. This then enabled us to complete a set of wireframes and user journeys. Clearly mapping out how the content would be structured and how that structure was to be engaged with helped significantly in finalising the requirements.

The designs went through around twelve iterations before we arrived at what would finally become the design that makes the site what it is today.

This structured approach enabled us to fine tune the site proposal and to ensure that the needs of the users of the site had been fully considered. The resulting solution would provide a solid basis enabling the Foundation to develop their online presence.

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