Cross platform app development

Originally developed in 2015, we explored developing multi-platform apps using transpiling code that can target many different platforms from one code base. This app was an experiment with the mobile app technology at that time, focusing on cross platform publishing for both iOS and Android.

Category: Development approach

Cross platform app development

One of our specialisms includes iOS and Android app development. Occasionally we develop something for ourselves, just to experiment with the current mobile app technology. The app discussed here is an example of one of those experiments, focused on cross platform publishing including iOS and Android.

What is a staging environment and do I need one?

Ever made an update to your site and something goes wrong? Maybe its a plugin update or a new feature that doesn’t work as expected, we’ve all been there but did you know there’s another way? A staging environment not only ensures your live site stays up to date and unbroken, but it also allows you to create and do more with the online face of your business behind the scenes.