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Insurastore are the UK's largest dedicated self storage insurers. Web-Engineer were first approached to build this business solution to a given design and broad requirement. This site has grown since it's launch back in 2007, we've updated the design, and refined the business logic many times. We have also monitored, maintained and supported the site installation for the client and have successfully helped our clients business grow to where it is today.

Our approach to the build of this site has been a significant contributor to the sites success. Building a site is much more than just writing code, it's about understanding how this code functions in the real world and about refining and improving this over time. There are several ways we look at the build which collectively focus on ensuring the best possible user experience.

Engineered by design

With a clear understanding of the business proposition and by looking closely at the behaviour of the site's visitors, we have been able to evolve the concept from it's initial launch. Through the use of analytics we've been able to validating the success of changes as they are made and to fine tune the site to where it is today.

clear proposition
instant quote
and buy
customer area
simple navigation
search engine optimised
content manageable
homepage example

We've considered a variety of audiences and use cases to ensure that whether your a new customer looking for a quote, or an existing customer looking to update their policy this fully automated business solution makes the process a breeze.

Power in the cloud

Initially developed to run in a traditional "high availability" configuration, based on a pair of dedicated servers this business solution has evolved in technology too. We recently successfully migrated this site to a hybrid architecture including cloud based web server which gives the following benefits -

  • File-systems replicated over three geographically separate data centres.
  • Huge computing power available dynamically, the solution can scale up and down on demand.
  • Backup via separate service provider at the transaction level.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity a key consideration throughout the system design.

Business intelligence

Understanding Insurastore's users and their behaviour is a key indication of the success of the site. With integrated commerce tracking our analytics is configured to enable us to understand how changes affect revenue. This also enables us to look at annual variations year on year and to forecast peeks and troughs. These insights are invaluable when considering marketing activities and valuable tools in the development of the business.

Turnkey development

We run multiple versions of this site installation. Our developers run virtual versions of the site entirely self contained, changes to the site are first worked here. Once ready for demonstration these can be pushed to a proofing version of the site for client feedback. Finally once changes are ready to go live they are first staged on a staging server (this is an exact copy of the live system) for acceptance testing. Only then can code make it to the live site. Any or almost all (staging changes being the only exception) of these steps can be fast tracked depending on the degree of change being advanced to the live site. This managed rollout of change ensures business continuity and give us the facility to try out new concepts in isolation.

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