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Tyre Pressure iOS and Android app development

One of our specialisms includes iOS and Android app development. Occasionally we develop something for ourselves, just to experiment with the current mobile app technology. The app discussed here is an example of one of those experiments, focused on cross platform publishing including iOS and Android.

What is a staging environment and do I need one?

Ever made an update to your site and something goes wrong? Maybe its a plugin update or a new feature that doesn’t work as expected, we’ve all been there but did you know there’s another way? A staging environment not only ensures your live site stays up to date and unbroken, but it also allows you to create and do more with the online face of your business behind the scenes.

Tech of the month February

This month we have cast the net a little wider on our tech roundup; asking some hard questions and observations on the current world of the web as it reaches an important milestone in its life. We also take stock for a second on what truly defines innovation in the modern world by giving a very different example of tech that’s helping millions of people.

PHP 5 end of life – Our guide on what to do next

PHP – the language behind many websites, recently stopped providing critical support for version 5 of their product, however, many sites owners have yet to update. So what does this mean and is this worth paying attention to?

Monthly tech roundup – January

The first month of 2019 has brought so many exciting innovations we struggled to narrow down our choices. Rather than picking the big news announcements from the CES 2019 you’ve likely already seen. We’ve picked a few that have a story behind them and hint at what good or bad things are to come.

6 benefits of outsourcing your IT

So as a business why should you outsource your IT? What are the key benefits that every business could reap if they chose an IT service provider? Here’s our guide to the 6 key benefits of outsourcing your IT.

WordPress 5, is your site ready?

So you may have seen that WordPress 5 has just been released. For those that manage their WordPress sites themselves, you’re probably wondering what does this mean to me and what should I do next? Although it looks simple and straightforward to click the update button, there are a few things to think of before updating. Here are Web Engineer’s top tips for making your site WordPress 5 ready.

Monthly tech roundup – December

At Web Engineer, we’re always learning, keeping an ear out for new developments on the web and tech gadgets. As we believe in an ethical approach to technology, the things we spot will have to be more than just cool, they will need to interest us and enrich the lives of their users and even better, make a difference in a small way to society. Here’s our roundup of the freshest tech we spotted this month.

How SEO can help your Website in 2019

Your business journey has begun and your new website is up and running, but there’s nobody visiting it and it doesn’t appear in Google Search. What can I do? Fortunately growing site traffic today and getting more relevant visitors to your site count is definitely possible. But, like anything else worth doing, it takes work, knowledge, and consistency.