TyrePressure app user guide

The latest iteration of this app adds a wide range of new features, to ensure you get the most from the app we've put this short guide together.

Craig Lawson

Craig founded web-engineer back in 2000 having just graduated as a graphic designer. Throughout the degree he focused on the digital application of his work and through that felt he had to learn the techniques behind the facade, an architect's approach to the design problem. With many years researching technologies and solutions to date, he brings a considerable breadth of knowledge to the team. Outside of work a keen cyclist, part time illustrator, occasional computer gamer and technophile.

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TyrePressure app user guide

We hope you enjoy using our app, for the most part we hope that it is self explanatory and easy to use and I hope you have as much fun using the app as we did creating it. Whats new? Pro version – first of all we’ve added a “Pro” version – this adds some

Cross platform app development

One of our specialisms includes iOS and Android app development. Occasionally we develop something for ourselves, just to experiment with the current mobile app technology. The app discussed here is an example of one of those experiments, focused on cross platform publishing including iOS and Android.