Our people

We have a talented team here at Web-Engineer to help support you on your next web project and drive your business forward. Offering a wide range of developer and coding skills, plus specialisms in project management, digital marketing and user experience. It's time to meet the people that can help you build the extraordinary.

Craig Lawson - Company Director

Craig founded web-engineer back in 2000 having just graduated as a graphic designer. Throughout the degree he focused on the digital application of his work and through that felt he had to learn the techniques behind the facade, an architect's approach to the design problem. With many years researching technologies and solutions to date, he brings a considerable breadth of knowledge to the team. Outside of work a keen cyclist, part time illustrator, occasional computer gamer and technophile.

Kelly Lawson - Accounts

Kelly has worked with the company since the beginning, keeping an eye on the numbers, finances and balances. Outside of work Kelly is a keen runner and enjoys active and fulfilling pastimes - including leading a running group and a volunteer befriender.

Cameron Bartlett - Developer

Cameron has been working at Web Engineer for 2 years moving his way up from apprentice to a full-time employee with a positive drive for accomplishment and customer service. Cameron thoroughly enjoys working on PHP, Javascript, SQL, and being a productive member of the team. In his spare time, he enjoys socialising with friends and gaming. If you're looking for a developer that knows his Dungeons & Dragons, you've come to the right place.

Quinn Holding - Developer

Quinn has been working at the company for 3 years working from apprentice to full-time developer. With a dedication to leadership and professionalism, Quinn strives to be the best at what he does. Outside of work Quinn maintains a high level of fitness by going to the gym focusing on power bodybuilding, and a bit of #BroScience.

Owen Prior - UX and marketing specialist

Owen brings several years of digital marketing experience working on corporate websites, apps and purchase journeys. With a degree in product design and a passion for user experience, with Google certification in AdWords and Analytics, Owen brings additional digital marketing support to the team. Outside of work Owen loves to cook, travel and ride bikes quickly around Devon in road races and time trials.

James Cullimore - Senior Developer

James is our resident systems architecture specialist and loves to plan and build the infrastructures that shape the web applications for our customers. With several years of experience working in enterprise IT teams, James brings his knowledge of software development and project management to the team. Away from his desk, James loves to travel and explore the outdoors on camping trips and expeditions.

Harry Evans - IT Support

Harry is our plucky young trainee learning the ropes of the web company world while studying at Exeter College. Outside of work, Harry is a film buff with a particular liking for the work of Owen Wilson; Wilson's accurate portrayal of the race-car Lightning McQueen in Cars and Cars 2 is in Harry's view a real highlight of the actors career.