6 benefits of outsourcing your IT

So as a business why should you outsource your IT? What are the key benefits that every business could reap by using a managed service provider? Here's our guide to the 6 key benefits of outsourcing your IT.

1. Understanding a businesses needs and IT pains

Every business is different, each using and interacting with IT in their own unique ways. Some may see IT as a burden or must have to remain competitive in their markets, others may already have aspirations to grow and progress using technology that will help them stand out. Our role as a Managed Service Provider (MSP for short) is to understand your business, its employees and your customer’s specific needs.

We do this by mapping your current business processes, identifying where IT can provide a solution to the problems you face. This could be as straight forward as managing your site and e-commerce platform, or monitoring your servers and streamlining your file management. As an outsider to your business, our role is to quickly recognise a problem and offer solutions that stimulate growth for you.

2. Technological expertise

Today, technology moves faster than ever, and for the time short business owner it comes as no surprise that keeping up with the latest innovations and integrations in IT seems an impossible task. What’s more, the IT landscape is a mind field of proprietary packages channelling your IT systems down restrictive and costly paths that may not offer the best solution for your needs.

At Web Engineer, it’s our job to stay impartial and up to date with today’s technological state of play. Considering our experience in developing our own cloud system we can confidently say cloud computing is a specialism of ours. We have the experience in implementing and managing cloud systems that are providing real cost saving and efficiency benefits to businesses.

3. Protecting a business through security

Data theft and hacking is a threat that affects every organisation today; with customer data being an increasingly valued commodity on the black market it’s no surprise that managing and preventing these increasingly sophisticated attacks takes expertise and knowledge. Seeking this skill in-house requires investment in staff training and having the right infrastructure to keep your important assets safe in the first place.

An MSP that has expertise in security will be able to protect and back up your systems to keep customer data safe and keep your online processes running smoothly.

4. knowledge sharing – tips and solutions

What may seem to an expert as common knowledge can be a real headache for your team and a potential barrier in your processes. Therefore a good MSP should always share their knowledge to help your team gain confidence using the systems and software they manage.

Over the years of working with our key clients, we have not only helped establish and manage their sites and systems, but we have also educated their staff to use and interact with our solutions in the easiest way.

5. Collaboration

In business, you know that the most successful projects and stable long term relationships are founded on a close collaboration between client and supplier. An effective relationship between you and your MSP should feel like their team of experts are an extension of your own.

For us, collaboration with your team is the most valued asset we offer to clients. It allows for fast and agile development of new products and releases, with a first hand and human approach that gives you a feeling of ownership, while having our experts handle the complexities.

6. Cost

One of the most important benefits to any business is the cost savings an MSP can provide. Hiring an IT person in a small business of a dozen or so employees just isn’t practical. As businesses grow in size the resource needs for specialists in systems architecture increases, and so does the salary; the average salary for a cloud systems manager is over £50,000.

Outsourcing technical roles like this to an MSP could give you huge potential cost savings, calling upon these resources for just the projects that really matter. And while your routine maintenance, system operation and IT infrastructure are being looked after by your MSP you can spend more time and resource on developing your business elsewhere.

Our flexible managed service solutions 

We established Web Engineer nearly 20 years ago to create extraordinary and creative web-based solutions. Over the years our solutions have ranged from e-commerce and stock management platforms back in the early dot.com era. Mobile apps that feed you essential info when you’re on the go. And secure content management platforms utilising modern cloud architecture.

Whether we’ve built a platform from scratch or managed an existing service; our role in a client’s project has always been one of the technology provider. Managing an IT service or infrastructure that acts as a growth catalyst for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our managed service solution is anything but one size fits all, we build our support up to fit just around your business requirements.

To find out how our managed service could fit around your business needs contact us on 01392 253304 or email sales@web-engineer.co.uk


Managed Service Provider


Ongoing support

Where other agencies wave goodbye after your site goes live, you’ll find with us we’re just getting to know each other. From ongoing technical support, security reviews and a range of digital marketing services; our goal is to take the IT support worries away from you, so you can focus on running your business.

Cloud services

We’re experts in the cloud, from WordPress site hosting to enterprise-level cloud storage. Our cloud solutions can suit businesses of all shapes and sizes – Our approach is to offer complete flexibility around the needs of your business, delivered on a fully scalable server supported and maintained here in Exeter by our team of experts.

Development approach

Behind the services and skills we have the credentials and business process to back-up our proposition. Read more about our programming skills and qualifications here.